Due to the rigorous nature of judo, practitioners (Judokas) require a well-constructed, durable uniform during practice sessions and competition. Made especially for judo practitioners, our martial arts gis are fantastic for the most intense judo training and competitions. The cotton double weave judo gis are heavyweight and extremely durable – designed for heavy-duty daily use, and offer users a full range of movement. Depending on your preference and requirements, you can opt for single (single weave are lighter) or thick, double weave judo uniforms in wholesale. The double weave is twice as heavy as the single weave fully re-enforced. Still, you don’t feel the weight holding you down! The set includes a double weave jacket and pants. No belt Offered!

The judo jacket is made with reinforced stitching, and features a much firmer, stronger lapel than single weave jackets and reinforced shoulders. The pants feature a traditional drawstring waist to ensure a comfortable fit and easy adjustment. They also feature padding from knee to ankle and side vents. The judo uniforms are available in two beautiful colors: natural white and blue. Our gis are tested, approved, and meet the IJF size and weight specifications requirements. Looking for judo uniforms online? Look no further!

Features include but are not limited to:

  • Premium 100% Cotton
  • Extremely Durable (holds up to the most intensive training and sparring)
  • Reinforced stitching in the shoulders and sleeves for more durability
  • Super Heavyweight
  • Comfortable Competition Fit
  • Meet IJF Size & Weight Specifications
  • Single/Double Weave Stitch
  • Available in Blue and White
  • The weight range from 700 to 1000g

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