Taekwondo Gloves

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Product Description

  • Vinyl Material 
  • Half Finger Design
  • Stretchable Spandex
  • Durable Condition
  • Provides extra protection and internal grip

Warrior Emporium offers the high quality Taekwondo gloves for men, women and children online. They are... premium, extra-reinforced Taekwondo Gloves and are ideal for use in any martial arts practice. Optimal for both grappling and striking, these pro-style Taekwondo gloves are suited for use in both training as well as martial arts competitions. Featuring a half-finger design and stretchable spandex, these taekwondo gloves offer better movement and support to users. The gloves are made of durable vinyl and foam construction for resilience and longevity. They also feature a quick-release Velcro strap, so there is no need for you to wrap them all the way around the wrist.

We use premium materials and better designs than any other manufacturer, which leave our gloves with the perfect feeling of protection, without being too heavy. The gloves are breathable and comfortable to wear. The open palm design reduces the effects of hand sweating. The sweat-absorbing pad on the thumb is to wipe the sweat from your face mid-match. The strap is adjustable. The Half-finger design offers better protection to your hands and ensures flexible movement. Unlike cheap Taekwondo gloves, these gloves don’t easily fall off when hitting and provide you with a better grip.